Review: Lookout Mobile Security

November 26, 2010

Smartphones these days are slowly becoming our personal computers. They are not yet at the level that they can completely replace our existing primary PC’s but they are pretty darn close. These devices come with complete operating systems, with the ability to download apps, music, & documents, all from the internet. Now that can only […]


App Review: Huff & Puff

April 4, 2010

Meet a new game for Windows Mobile platform called Huff & Puff (Yes, the title is a take on the Three Little Pigs). At first look, the aesthetics of the game almost appear as a rip off of Angry Birds…


Extreme Makeover: Windows Mobile Edition

September 5, 2009
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I own a Windows phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 w/ Adaption Kit Upgrade version 2.2. When i first began to use this device, i found it to be natural in some ways. The OS will feel familiar to users who are familiar with its desktop cousin. Windows Mobile is a robust OS in which you […]


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