Chromebook and Netflix Join in Holy Matrimony At Last

August 9, 2011

Netflix has officially made its way to Chrome OS, so if you want to instantly stream movies to your Samsung, Acer or CR-48 Chromebook, the box office is now open. I’ve been using the Chromebook more and more as it’s such a great device for battery life, Web connectivity, and yes speed. This strikes down […]


China’s “Great Firewall”:Experience it for yourself!

March 26, 2010

This evening, I found myself looking into the news surrounding Google’s exit from China and the vast amount of search filtering by the Chinese Government that has ensued. Tooling around on, I found myself curious (as I always do) to see what would happen if I tried to search for some seemingly controversial topic. Baidu, if you aren’t familiar, is a […]


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