New Kindle Fire Ad Only? Models to have Ad Opt Out

September 8, 2012

The following email is confirmed from an Amazon Representative: “I wanted to let you know that with Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15. We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out. We’re happy to offer […]


Latitude ST Accessories: What Works, What Doesnt

May 6, 2012

Dell’s attempt at a Tablet PC which they call the Latitude ST, shows much potential. However, after purchasing, many will find disapointment in the lack of accessories that consumers can be sure will fit the device well (if not made especially for it).


Netflix for Android Update — Facebook Share, Bug Fixes

February 10, 2012

With the latest update of their Android software comes many performance fixes (particularly for you tablet users out there) – as well as the ability


Papa John’s Releases New Android App, throws in a 25% off Coupon Code DROID

December 28, 2011

Two tasty treats come today in one package — the newly released Papa John’s App for Android OS. Enter coupon code DROID for 25% off your order! This has just been verified while ordering through the app. Those daring enough to try it from their PC, let us know your results!


Bad Hard Disc Drive Computer Service for Client in Danbury

August 8, 2010

This Toshiba Satellite notebook was very nice, but wouldn’t boot into windows. After running some diagnostics, we determined that the hard disc drive had failed, which was a bit of a difficult diagnosis to make because the hard drive spins and does not make any clicking noises typical of a dying drive. Diagnostics don’t lie […]


Data Recovery for local stamp company

June 19, 2010

The Complete Backup package we have setup for a rubber stamp company proved its worth today when all stamp designs were thought to be gone. Contact us NOW before an accident happens and critical data is lost.


Startlogic Affiliate Program: Buyer Beware

May 24, 2010

NOTE: I have reposted this after another referral was “unqualified”. First instance was on March 30, 2010… For those of us in the IT contracting/consulting field, affiliate programs provide a very good opportunity to give your clients a little more service without giving them a little more of a Bill, or to tack on a […]


Poll: Do you act differently on social networks than in real life?

May 13, 2010



New Polling System! Share your voice…

May 8, 2010

do you feel you have control over your privacy on Facebook?


Spring Cleaning? Our Complete Tune Up -Now on sale

April 30, 2010

Does your computer: Run Slow? Freeze Up? Display Error Messages? The Complete Tune-Up could be the answer. Normal, everyday use can cause your computer to slow down when dust accumulates in the wrong places and programs get installed and uninstalled. Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs can cause files to fragment and become unusable. Computer […]


Sturges Bros. chooses CCo for their website

April 22, 2010

Sturges Brothers Construction in Ridgefield, CT has choosen Complete Computer Co to build, host, and maintain their online presence. This will serve not only as a resource to their current Clients as well as prospective ones. We will be working with their marketing team collaboratively to build a rich and classy design for their web […]


How Good is Adsense? From Adult Chat to SEO, we test on our own chatroom

April 13, 2010

The screen shots say it all. I joined our chat room (come join us if you ever have a question about computer repair!). I typed in some keywords and within 2 minutes the banner had changed from generic content about “Adult Chat” to an ad for increasing website traffic. Pretty cool. It is important to […]


CCo receives bid for webmaster of New York Nemesis

April 6, 2010

Semi-professional Womens’ tackle football team The New York Nemesis has submitted a bid to Complete Computer Co for website management services. We look forward to working with them, delivering their visitors a robust site as well as getting their name out there to the major search engines and ultimately adding to those crowds who come out  […]


acer laptop not reading full size of new hdd

April 6, 2010

This laptop has just come in and we are taking a look. This Aser Aspire is not reading the full size of a new hard drive that was purchased and installed by a competing repair company. The user reported having brought it somewhere else for the installation and it was determined that they did not properly configure […]


New Website for “Just Like Home” Daycare!

March 31, 2010

We will soon begin work on another website for local Daycare facility “Just Like Home” – located on Codfish Hill Ext. in Bethel. First step is registering a catchy domain name for them. Stay tuned…


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