Pro Tip: How to View Kindle Touch in Landscape Mode

January 13, 2012

Using an mp3 exploit is a safe, fast and simple way to switch horizontal/landscape orientation on your kindle touch?..

How to install
Download ZIP & Extract content ( everyone.mp3 )
Connect your Kindle Touch to PC and open it as USB drive
Copy everyone.mp3 ( you can rename it ) to /music folder
Safely remove Kindle
On Kindle menu select Settings -> Experimental -> Music Player & select our beautiful mp3
Now you can rotate your screen as you want

For smaller rotation buttons, use this file instead. rotate-screen_smallbuttons

Rotation works only while reading (i.e. not for the list of files in the Home)
As you can see in screenshot, mp3 player stays active, so while reading you just have to call the Menu bar to see it and switch rotation again


How does it work exactly?
Using mp3 exploit of Yifan Lu we show 4 buttons that let’s you call the kindle function to rotate view
Does it does it auto rotate?
Nope, you decide direction each time (just as K3)
Can you uninstall it if you don’t like it?
That’s the nice thing: you do not have to install anything
(Jailbreak, SSH, whatever ) so if you do not like it you can simply delete the mp3 file.


3 Responses to “Pro Tip: How to View Kindle Touch in Landscape Mode”

  1. How to view kindle in landscape mode, for me doesn’t work all I get when I launch the track in the “experimental MP3” mode is a string of HTML code, no buttons or other access.

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