Review: Lookout Mobile Security

November 26, 2010

Smartphones these days are slowly becoming our personal computers. They are not yet at the level that they can completely replace our existing primary PC’s but they are pretty darn close. These devices come with complete operating systems, with the ability to download apps, music, & documents, all from the internet. Now that can only mean one thing: Viruses. Yes, viruses!! These devices are, or will, become susceptible to viruses, hacker intrusions, spyware, and malware just to name a few security breaches. They will infect your mobile device just like how a PC can be infected. Without proper security, you maybe at risk…

Lookout Mobile Security is here to save the day! This security suite is just about everything you need to provide protection against unwanted infections. Here, this app will provide you with the tools necessary for security:

  • AntiVirus
  • Firewall
  • Back up capabilities
  • “Missing Device”

This app packages the features nicely. It is easy to understand, and you really do not need have extensive, or advanced, knowledge in running this program. The philosophy “set it and forget it” is really felt all through. You do not really need to dig through menus to set it up. Everything is there for you.

As you can see above, there are three commands that you can manually run. The first one, AntiVirus and Firewall, are on and they auto protect you so you do not have to remember to run the virus scanner. Firewall is the same as your primary PC’s firewall: It is meant to stop any unwanted intrusions for hacking their way into your device. The second option, Back Up, is self explanatory. This will back up all of your data, which includes contacts, documents, photos, and anything else you want backed up to the internet.

Lastly, and most interesting feature, is Missing Device. This provides the user to be able to go online and locate your missing device. Let’s say you were out having a night on the town the night before, and uh oh your smartphone went missing. Here, you can find where your device is located and you can narrow your search down rather than retracing your steps. This neat features goes further than that. Let’s say you misplaced your device in your home, you can sound the alarm. A siren sound will go off and now you can easily find your phone. If your device was stolen, you can go online and remotely wipe out everything to render your device useless to the thief.

What my limitations are that I can not test how effective the virus engine is, how many viruses can it catch, how many false positives it tests for, or how effective the firewall was against unwanted intrusions. What I could test for was how effective the back up is and how to use the “missing device” which they all worked as advertised.

I am a strong advocate in privacy (this does include NOT getting groped by TSA). It is important to keep your data safe and important to keep your device safe from hackers and viruses. After all, these devices will be targeted from hackers and viruses. My personal view is that i believe iPhone will be the number one target, with Android coming in very close second. Luckily, Lookout Mobile Security is Available for Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, and coming soon to iPhone. Even with the limitations of my review as noted, I strongly suggest that everyone who uses a smartphone go to their designated app store and download this immediately. Best of all this is a FREE solution!


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