Bad Hard Disc Drive Computer Service for Client in Danbury

August 8, 2010

This Toshiba Satellite notebook was very nice, but wouldn’t boot into windows. After running some diagnostics, we determined that the hard disc drive had failed, which was a bit of a difficult diagnosis to make because the hard drive spins and does not make any clicking noises typical of a dying drive. Diagnostics don’t lie though.

We then proceeded to hook up the hard drive to our data recovery server and were stunned to find out that the drive was not recognized – listed as an “uninitialized” disc. We also tried to hook the drive up to other computers to be sure that the issue was duplicated across various environments.

We are currently running sector-by-sector data recovery on the drive with the hopes of being able to pull an image off of it and push it back onto the laptop’s hard drive which we replaced.

This type of data recovery takes a very long time, days to a week to run through an entire hard drive, so we re-installed Windows Vista Home Premium on it and thankfully all of the drivers were conveniently available on Toshiba’s technical support site.

total bill including parts and labor (excluding pending data recovery): $160


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