App Review: Huff & Puff

April 4, 2010

Meet a new game for Windows Mobile platform called Huff & Puff (Yes, the title is a take on the Three Little Pigs). At first look, the aesthetics of the game almost appear as a rip off of Angry Birds…

The focus in this game is the same as angry birds: knock down the structure of some sort to crush the pigs. You get points based on how effective you are in reaching your goal. You play as a Wolf and your objective is to kill the pigs and collect food. The more points and food you get can help you determine how effective you will be against the various logic puzzles the Wolf has to face.

Here are some screen shots to get the visual:

Here is where the game sets itself apart from Angry Birds. There are two modes of game play, one mode is to utilize the touch screen and the other is the screen and the mic. With the mic on your phone, you blow into it to make the Wolf fill up its lungs of air to blow down the house. Cool! There is a dial on the upper left side of the screen to show the strength of each breath of air. I personally found just using the touch screen is easier than blowing into the mic to activate the Wolf. It takes some practice, so if you choose, just use the touch screen, or “Tap” mode. I think using the mic does add some uniqueness to the overall game play.

Overall, I enjoyed this game and I think it is a great alternative to Angry Birds. I played Angry Birds and found it to be enjoyable, and I wished the developers ported the game to Windows Mobile. I think a game like this really demonstrates the muscle Windows Mobile 6.x has to offer. Currently, you can find the app in the Windows Mobile Marketplace. For Windows Phone 7 users, keep your eyes peeled for a version for you is sure to follow sometime in the near future. Lastly, keep in mind there are two versions of the game: a paid version ($2 in the Marketplace) that has over 40 levels of game play, and a free version that has about 10 levels. My review was based on the free version. Huff & Puff was developed by Touch Dimensions


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